President Trump Just Put Together The Greatest Task Force Ever To Investigate The Clinton Foundation

President Trump’s office made three telephone calls toward the beginning of today to select a first class group of free, impartial specialists to investigate the Clinton Foundation’s inclusion with sedate carrying, human trafficking and support for fear based oppression associated with the armada of load ships they used to move their provisions over the globe.

To begin with, he called Congressman Trey Gowdy to lead the examination in light of his predominant abilities at seeing through fanatic poop. Next, he called Sheriff Richard Clark, who quickly acknowledged and surrendered from his position in Cleveland.

Last — yet surely not minimum — he included a voice with a huge amount of experience telling people in general reality and a whole vocation implementing the laws of our country, Judge Jeanine Pirro. Judge Pirro, says WHOIP Director Jeff Derpinger-Smith, will include a flare that the genuine news systems like Fox and genuine news productions like Breitbart:

“Who isn’t worn out on viewing Whoopi Goldberg give her sentiment to some women’s activist who couldn’t care less what occurs in this present reality? These ladies think since they have vaginas that they should profit and settle on the greater part of our decisions. Apologies, women. We’re giving the world Judge Jeanine.”

The three will set out on a reality discovering mission to discover precisely who claimed what, who realized what and who benefitted from the spread of medications, wrongdoing, displaced people and psychological oppression.