POLL: Do You Want A Constitutional Amendment Banning Muslims From Holding Office?

Dr Abdul El-Sayed is endeavoring to twist up perceptibly the country’s first Muslim Governor, and this raises an issue of paying little respect to whether being a sharpening Muslim should disbar someone from holding high office in the US. Many are pondering whether some person who puts Islam at the core of their motivation can really serve the Constitution which is conflicting with Islamic law.

Dr. El Sayed is truly an instance of transient achievement in America. He is the offspring of an Egyptian vagrant who has transformed into an authority and is searching for office. Regardless, there’s an issue: he needs Michigan to wind up obviously a Sanctuary State.

Sanctuary Cities are fiscal frustrations and wrongdoing hotspots. The way that a city empowers unlawful vagrants to execute wrongdoings and thereafter stay in the country, just makes true blue nationals lives more unsafe and their gatherings less ensured.

If the whole state of Michigan transforms into a “Refuge”, every criminal endeavoring to keep up a key separation from ousting will head there, bringing wrongdoing and welfare dependence.

Perhaps the request shouldn’t be about Muslims holding office, yet about people holding office who progress hazardous plans that will change their states into criminal cesspits?


Notwithstanding i’m sitting tight for some individual to exhibit me wrong in transit that not one Muslim in authoritative issues in America is pushing any pro American arrangement centers.

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, a liberal Democrat might need to wind up detectably the nation’s first Muslim Governor in Michigan, home to the city of Dearborn, with the most bewildering Muslim people outside of the Middle East.

The state of Michigan also made news a year back when Hamtramck, a city that was for a long while known for it’s strong Polish vagrant gathering, picked its first all-Muslim City Council. It’s probable not that unlikely that the offspring of Egyptian vagrants living in a state where incalculable Muslim dislodged individuals and outcasts come to live would need to see the state of MI transform into a “Safe house State”.

“My certainty is really basic to me, as it is for a few Americans and Michiganders,” El-Sayed said. “Be that as it may, I think we should be asking ourselves rather than how one supplicates, or what they beg, we should approach ourselves what [one] bids to God for and what one trusts in.”

While El-Sayed said his Islamic regards are at the point of convergence of his work as an administration laborer, he needs people to THINK his primary need is to serve the all inclusive community of Michigan.

However, a couple of tenants in the state may not be set up to see a Muslim delegate. Over the latest a long time, Michigan has been a HOTBED of against American development, especially in Dearborn.

In any case, El-Sayed needn’t bother with Michigan tenants to be occupied by against Muslim talk and brutality — and he needs people to understand that the measures of Islam are what control his organization.