Amid Barack Obama’s last public interview, he invested a lion’s share of the energy praising himself.

Obama told a room loaded with correspondents that following eight years of his administration, the United States is more grounded, fit as a fiddle, and more regarded over the world than any other time in recent memory.

“Practically every nation on Earth considers America to be more grounded and more regarded today than they did eight years back.”

Arranging a rundown of reasons why Barack Obama is a shocking president appears like a venture for a book as opposed to a section, however I am certain a large portion of you concur that Obama will without a doubt go down as one of the most noticeably bad presidents in American history.

We don’t have to pick one disappointment of his–the rundown of cataclysmic disappointments will always put the United States in an awful position.

Our partners no long trust or regard us while our foes no long dread us. Obama is correct, he accomplished the majority of that all alone.

Plainly he’s been a debacle for America on a scale that couple of different presidents can coordinate. Simply take a gander at his record. What’s more terrible, his explicitly insolent state of mind stinks of privilege a silly considering; Obama actually supposes we owe him something for his “authority”.

How can it make you feel to peruse that he supposes he will go down as one of the best presidents in our history?