Obama Calls On All Mayors, National Leaders to Rise Up Against Trump

It will be a long four years…

Resident Obama can’t be pushed far from the restroom reflect as he unremittingly hones his grin and continues declaring, “My kindred Americans… ” before making a sound as if to speak and expressing in a more profound voice, “My kindred Americans… ”

In any event, that is the means by which I see it. While the REAL president is all over the place, ensuring that the modest American citizen is taking full advantage of his well deserved cash and shielding American organizations from being raked over the coals by the EPA, the shadow president is horsing around the globe approaching American leaders in Liberal urban communities and Liberal states over the fruited plain to confer demonstrations of rebellion.

In the course of recent days, something other than a couple of the leaders around the nation, who have chosen NOT to speak to their electorates, yet rather speak to the cronyism of Washington (and ideally be compensated for their impudence toward Trump by being given significantly more liberal elected subsidizing by the Establishmentariat), have chosen to force the Paris Accord on their citizenry, against the will of the Executive Branch of the legislature.

As it were, to utilize an illustration like Pittsburgh, the chairman of the City of Three Rivers who asserts that 80% of the vote went to Hillary Clinton is not lying. The whole inward city, as rundown and shade ridden as it may be, the place unemployment is despicably high and industry is dead, all voted in favor of Hillary and her coal-and steel-industry-executing proposition and strategies. The condition of Pennsylvania is controlled by a Democrat senator, however by far most of the Keystone State is controlled by Republicans. In taking a gander at the guide of the state, one can without much of a stretch see that lone the most destitution stricken internal city ranges are reigned over by the Democrats. Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, the capital in Harrisburg… all keep running by Democrats… or rather keep running around Democrats. I’m not by any means beyond any doubt why the chairman of Pittsburgh wanted to boast about that, seeing as he is running down one of the greatest urban communities in the state.

And keeping in mind that Mayor Bill Peduto is correct that 80% of the constituents in the fiscally strapped city voted in favor of Hillary, truly neglected to place it into point of view where whatever is left of Allegheny County was a total and verifiably humiliating bloodbath for the Democrats. I would not be gloating, Mayor Peduto, in the event that I were you.

In his endeavors to kiss Barack Obama’s hindquarters, Peduto may have put on slightly more lipstick than he ought to have as the full weight of his choice to remain in solidarity with Citizen Obama may simply be indefensible and, at last, politically inept.