Isn’t it obvious that Nancy Pelosi is taking her chances in humiliating and criticizing President Trump in every single possible way she can?

Well, Donald Trump had the last laugh this time. He expressed his assessment about her in an interview  that he has given for “Fox and Friends”. You cannot say that we didn’t expect any comeback from President Donald Trump on her statements. Because unlike her stories, President Trump’s stories are based on facts, arguments and all kinds of evidence. Sure we all knew what are the latest Pelosi interests.

When “Fox and Friends” host asked Trump about Nancy, the only thing he had to say was that she is incompetent. Just like that. And you can’t say  that you don’t share the same opinion as him. It’s too obvious,

“Well I’ve been watching Nancy’s statements. I think she’s incompetent actually if you look what’s going on with the Democrats and the party it’s getting smaller and smaller. In a certain way I don’t like to see it because I like a two party system. And we’re soon going to have a one party system. I actually think a two party system is healthy and good.

But she’s done a terrible job. I think she’s wrong. There are those who say I’ve done more than anyone in 100 days.”

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