Marine Is Suing School After Finding Out They Forced Child To Study Islam. Do You Support Him?

A Maryland state funded school, La Plata High, is being sued for constraining kids to find out about Islam and the Muslim ways. The Marine father, John Kevin Wood and his significant other were angry when they got some answers concerning the Islam lesson. This isn’t the principal school we have found out about doing this. Islam is unobtrusively being pushed to our people to come.

For instance, one of the assignments composed that the Islamic statement of faith of “Shahada,” which signifies “There is no god yet Allah, and Muhammad is the envoy of Allah.” The Woods are vexed that their little girl was forcibly fed this learning about the religion that is outside to them.

As per the Washington Free Beacon, when non-Muslims recount this expression so anyone can hear, they are basically changing over to Islam.

Yet, the La Plata High School constrained their understudies to accomplish something other than present the Islamic statement of faith. They compelled to understudies to remember the Five Pillars of Islam.

In the event that they educate “Islam” make certain to incorporate how females are peons. How in some Muslim nations they can’t drive, demonstrate their face out in the open or they will disgrace their family. That sharia law exists! Might I go ON?

Instruct yourselves, you will educate our youngsters about the campaigns yet say nothing in regards to what’s going on appropriate in your face! Try not to lecture that we have 2000 religions in our nation and afterward be oblivious to the reality, that just a single religion is utilizing the courts to have theirs constrained upon us.