Kardashians Claim They Feel ‘Unsafe’ in Trump’s America: ‘Can’t Even Look at an American Flag Anymore’

Kim Kardashian made a silly claim that she feels hazardous in “Trump’s America.”

The Los Angeles Celebrity clearly dozed through the most recent eight years of dynamic socialism under Barry’s administration… ..on the off chance that you can even call it authority.

The liberal witch (no genuinely, she is really a witch) says that she is so damaged with our new president that she can’t stand to take a gander at our nation’s banner any more. BUH-BYE!

Kim has frequently utilized the American banner as a show in her show, yet now she entirely prohibits it. She requests that the red, white, and blue image of our opportunity be expelled from her shows and exhibitions.

Right, so this little women’s activist snowflake doesn’t feel safe in America any longer since we never again have a snobby, politically revise president any longer. News streak nectar, you have eight long years of The Donald. Strap in and appreciate the ride!

Truthfeed reports:

As indicated by this, big name Kim Kardashian is sooooo damaged by the way that Donald Trump is president that she can’t remain to have the American banner flying at her shows.

In this way, she’s taking a super gutsy stand and having the banner expelled from segments of her show where it used to be –

“It’s positively awkward,” the 36-year-old VIP told Pitchfork in a meeting that distributed Wednesday when gotten some information about America under Trump.

“I certainly changed my visuals on my visit recordings. I’m not going to have the American banner waving while my show is on air.’ It’s not going to happen.”

“I’d rather have static,” she included.

“It’s a transitional period, and I’m super mindful of that. I think it is wrong to be in France with an American banner. It would feel peculiar to me now — it didn’t feel unusual in 2013.”

Truly, Kim can play out her shows anyway she needs to.

It’s her show, her execution – that is dependent upon her.

Be that as it may, this poop about “I don’t feel safe in America any longer, so I won’t fly the banner” is finished and add up to refuse.

I concur. It is finished junk. On the off chance that she feels perilous in the most secure nation on the planet at that point she has something else coming. I ensure that she might not want to live in a Middle Eastern nation. Does she understand what individuals out there do to ladies like her?

It’s genuinely say to see her go down this liberal rabbit gap.

In the event that she doesn’t care for America, at that point she should take off. Straightforward as that.