JUST IN : Sweden Closes its Doors to Islamic Refugees

It would seem that Sweden has at long last had enough of Islamic exiles assuming control over their nation and murdering guiltless residents.

The leader of Sweden has discharged an announcement saying that the nation will “never backpedal” to permitting mass movement from fear monger countries like Syria, Libya and Iran.

The U-turn comes after a Muslim fear based oppressor, who went to the nation as a displaced person and looked for refuge, murdered four individuals in a truck assault. Rakhmat Akilov, a displaced person from Uzbekistan, seized a truck and purposely crashed into people on foot on focal Stockholm’s principle shopping road on Friday.

Akilov had connected for shelter yet his last interest bombed in December. He was given four weeks to leave the nation and was being chased by police and migration authorities for expelling.

Head administrator Stefan Löfven pledged to move the nation from its liberal position, demanding that the enormous stream ofd displaced people into Sweden amid the 2015 vagrant emergency could never happen again.

“Sweden will never backpedal to the [mass immigration] we had in fall 2015 — never,” Löfven said on Sunday. “Everybody who has been denied an allow ought to return home. This makes me feel tremendously baffled. On the off chance that you have been denied a visa you should leave the nation.”