JUST IN: Donald Trump To Declare Soros ‘National Security Threat’. Do You Support Him?

As per the Kremlin, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was asked by the Trump Transition Team to give “all” records identifying with Soros – refering to legitimate specialist from the 6 March 2014 Executive Order marked by President Obama, entitled Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine:

“I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, find that the activities and approaches of people that undermine popularity based procedures and establishments in Ukraine; debilitate its tranquility, security, dependability, sway, and regional respectability; and add to the misappropriation of its benefits, constitute an unordinary and phenomenal risk to the national security and remote arrangement of the United States, and I therefore announce a national crisis to manage that danger.”

In supporting archives appended to this strategic demand, this report proceeds with, the Trump Transition Team attests that 25 days after the marking of this Executive Order by President Obama, on 31 March 2014, US discretionary links demonstrate that Soros did in reality work to “undermine the procedures and establishments in Ukraine” getting to be, actually, the true leader of this country—and who in a meeting with US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, “laid the reason for war” by his expressing that the “Federalization design being advertised by Putin to Merkel and Obama would bring about Russia picking up impact and true control over eastern locales in Ukraine.”

The federalization design (like the States of America) for Ukraine upheld by President Putin, Chancellor Merkel and President Obama, this report clarifies, would have made a tranquil move of energy in this country—yet because of Soros’ unlawful mediation has, rather, prompted mass clash and slaughter costing the lives of an expected 9,600 men, ladies and youngsters.

Concerning why President Obama himself didn’t charge Soros similar to a risk to the national security of the United States after he horribly disregarded this Executive Order, this report clarifies, was because of Soros flooding Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party with an amazing $100 million in gifts—and that turned this once regarded political gathering known as “The Party of Jefferson” into what it is known today, “The Soros Party”, and that has, indeed, annihilated it.

Starting in 2004, this report proceeds with, Soros started his takeover of the Democratic Party going to war against the American individuals and their majority rule government by pronouncing that “it is the focal concentration of my life” and “an incomprehensibly important issue” and vowing that he would wind up plainly poor in the event that it implied vanquishing the President of the United States—yet whose endeavors finished in crush, for both him and the Democratic Party itself, yet that he transformed into the liberal radical revolutionary political association it now is.

Going into this most recent 2016 US presidential race, this report additionally notes, Soros tried harder to crush the United States with his getting to be Hillary Clinton’s best giver and puppetmaster—yet like in 2004, the American individuals dismissed his globalist “open society vision” turning, rather, to Donald Trump to end up plainly their next pioneer.

With his manikin Hillary Clinton being crushed, nonetheless, and his now completely possessed revolutionary Democratic Party losing all power as well, MoFA specialists in this report state, Soros now has turned the greater part of his money related may against President-elect Trump saying that “majority rules system is presently in emergency” on the grounds that the American individuals “chose a swindler and would-be despot as its leader”— and has, in like manner, this previous week proclaimed another war against every single Christian country vowing to topple all master life (hostile to fetus removal) laws in each Catholic nation all through the world.