Judge Jeanine: Shutting Down Free Speech on College Campuses Pushing U.S. Toward Fascism

Saturday amid her Fox News Channel “Equity” opening articulation, Judge Jeanine Pirro responded to University of California at Berkeley disinviting creator Ann Coulter from talking on grounds, saying the closing down of free discourse on school grounds is pushing the nation to a rightist and totalitarian culture.

“America is stuck in an unfortunate situation,” Pirro started. “They are attempting to quiet you. A huge and unavoidable development is putting the First Amendment and your free discourse, the most essential and principal principles of our country at hazard and in threat of termination.

What’s more, regardless of whether you are on the left or right, free discourse is basic to our majority rule government, the reason the nation was found, the reason individuals hazard so much, amazing come here. However, as you stay there, you are watching a quieting progressively. Where people are not allowed to express their opinion if it does not align with the thinking of others.”

“It’s putting us on the course where we are in peril of turning into a rightist totalitarian culture where there is just a single acknowledged perspective; no other will be endured, and it’s a great opportunity to battle back,” she included.