Jeff Bridges Blackballed By Hollywood After Standing Up For Trump

Nowadays it takes a great deal of guts of a superstar to conflict with the grain and show bolster for Donald Trump—yet Jeff Bridges as simply approached to do only that.

In spite of the fact that Bridges was and is an enthusiastic Hillary Clinton supporter, he as of late remarked that he trusts individuals ought to be pulling for Trump now that he’s our leader. Famous people ought to be allowing him to lead, rather than undermining to kill him.

“Everyone has something else and remarkable to add to society and with various methods for doing it,” Bridges said on Wednesday amid a board on kid hunger. “A few people will be outrightly out there discussing their failure and criticizing the way President Trump is acting.”

“I’m pulling for him to do well by our nation,” Bridges included. “I’m pulling for him as a person to do the cool thing.”

That is an invigorating point of view, given that most liberals chose Trump was the most exceedingly terrible leader ever before he even went into the White House.