Even MORE Bad News For Hollywood Superstar Johnny Depp After He Talks About KILLING President Trump!

On-screen character Johnny Depp a week ago made the truly doltish move of openly fantasizing about killing President Trump.

Presently, things have gone from terrible to more regrettable for the Hollywood whiz.

Depp may will imprison, or possibly be confronting a genuine fine. Also, not in view of the Trump comments (he could even now confront a different examination over that).

Turns out, the appointee head administrator of Australia needs to accuse Depp of a wrongdoing for carelessly disregarding the nation’s laws amid a 2015 visit.

BBC reports:

Australia’s representative PM has debilitated US on-screen character Johnny Depp with prevarication charges in another portion of the “war on terrier”.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star and afterward spouse Amber Heard neglected to pronounce their puppies to Australian traditions in the wake of touching base by private stream in 2015.

Ms Heard got away conviction and the match discharged a surprising expression of remorse video.

Be that as it may, authoritative archives recorded in a US court professedly demonstrate Mr Depp was “completely mindful” he was overstepping Australian laws.

His previous business chiefs, The Management Group (TMG), asserted the on-screen character had “compelled one of his long haul representatives to ‘accept any consequence’,” in papers gotten by People.

‘It is called prevarication’

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce thusly implied that the administration may reinvestigate Depp.

“On the off chance that the charge is right, there’s a word for that – it is called prevarication,” Mr Joyce told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

“We’re an island landmass and we consider biosecurity important and it doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that you believe that you’re Mr’s Who of Hollywood, will comply with our laws.”