Dianne Feinstein : Hillary Can’t Get Over The Election Loss, “She’s Hurting”…

Liberals can’t get a handle on reality and acknowledge that they set up an unlikeable and degenerate applicant and that is the reason they lost.

As indicated by Senator Dianne Feinstein, Hillary Clinton is not taking care of her misfortune well.

Feinstein rationalized Hillary, something most Democrats are doing recently, expressing the crusade was “hard” for her due to the ridiculing, email interruption (that Hillary brought on herself), and confusion of things she had done.

Hillary Clinton is “harming” taking after her decision misfortune to Donald Trump, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein said .

“She is overcome,” Feinstein said of Clinton.

“She is a genuine expert in the feeling of her qualities, mind, concern. I consider all us know who watch that crusade, it was a hard battle for her — the verbally abusing, the email interruption, the distortion of what she had finished with the messages,” she proceeded.

Hillary has shown up since losing to Trump .

On Tuesday at the Women for Women meeting, she reminded us again what an imperfect applicant she was a year ago — and what a defective individual she has dependably been.

In her discussion before an agreeable gathering of people, Clinton said she’s composition a diary — and said it’s “difficult” to return to how Donald Trump beat her like a ragdoll in a race that was a bolt.

Excruciating? We’re the ones in torment, Hillary. You’re making millions to process it. We’re the ones living it.

She additionally said she would talk about the slip-ups she made amid the battle — then declined to say even one. Rather, she fell back on the typical suspects: The Russians and FBI Director James Comey, who without a doubt interfered in the race at last.

“In the event that the race had been on Oct. 27, I would be your President,” she said.

Interpretation: “I would’ve won if WikiLeaks hadn’t uncovered what a degenerate untrustworthy, lying, highbrow elitist I am.”

We are confused by this. This lady is stunning, her obliviousness is staggering.