Congress wants to take Obama’s pension away… It’s happening

Its a dependable fact that Former President Barack Obama has utilized citizen’s cash to treat himself and his family to practically whatever the hellfire they seek. Since his takeoff from the White House, Obama has blown through so much cash, spending it on luxurious get-aways and living like a big name. Luckily for us, Congress wouldn’t give it a chance to slide. It has been accounted for that Congress has quite recently told Obama that his powerful government annuity could in all likelihood be taken away. At last, some uplifting news!

Since leaving office, Obama has kept on demonstrating that he is a liberal elitist who isn’t terrified to burn through cash earned by other individuals. Despite the fact that it is justifiable that subsequent to leaving office it is genuinely typical for a Former President to take some sort of excursion to loosen up, the endless series of treks that Obama has been removing has been getting from hand.

In the wake of leaving the Oval Office in January, Obama took his family on a pricy getaway to Marlon Brando’s private island in Bali. He at that point took his family to the four-seasons where the rooms cost roughly $2,000 a night. It didn’t stop there. The Obamas allegedly proceeded with their endless get-away to a Palm Springs domain, at that point onto Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island. After those excursions the family remained at the Mid Pacific Country Club in Oahu, which in the event that you didn’t have a clue, is to a great degree selective. At that point it was onto the 13thcentury Borgo Finocchieto in Tuscany. After that they went to the Rising Sun, and Hollywood studio big shot Davis Geffen’s private yacht. It appears like he has invested more energy over the most recent a half year going on get-aways than the normal American does in a lifetime.

To put everything in context for you, the Borgo Finocchieto in Tuscany is really a reestablished medieval village. It contains five estates with 22 rooms. This chateau must be leased completely with a three-day least remain. Is this a cracking joke?

The distain I have for this man is incredible. Word in the city is that the Democrats are not all that content with his conduct either. What else has Obama been doing? He’s been numbering his millions from book arrangements and talking expenses. Who the damnation would pay this bonehead to talk?

Albeit numerous Democrats are winding up plainly more troubled with our Former President’s inadmissible conduct, there are as yet beyond words Obama supporters who kiss his back basically on the grounds that he was “the principal dark President” of the United States. How might you call a man who spends the greater part of the general population’s cash on himself the “general population’s leader”? He positively never thought about the general population, and wouldn’t fret tossing in our appearances that despite everything he couldn’t care less about us now.

It was accounted for by USA Today that Congress is thinking about a bill that would conceivably wipe out all annuity installments to past presidents on the off chance that they as of now win $400,000 or more in a financial year, which plainly Obama has been doing. You’ll see it no huge shock that Obama vetoed that very bill while he was in office when it was first presented. Gee, it practically appears like Obama had an arrangement for his post-administration way of life while he was in office. He wouldn’t give Congress a chance to interfere with him and “his” cash.

It appears just as Congress saw straight through Obama’s intends to round up as a lot of other individuals’ cash as he could. Since Obama is never again the President, Congress is going ideal for the throat.

House Oversight and Government Reform Chair Jason Chaffetz reacted to the USA Today report that Obama’s income may cause congressional activity by saying that “Obama’s $400,000 discourse could provoke Congress to pursue his benefits.”

There you have it parents, our Former President has ended up being a genuine POS. The time has come for somebody leave him speechless before he spends any a greater amount of our cash on superfluous getaways for himself and his family.