You’ll never figure the most recent superstar to provoke Melania Trump.

Cher chosen to put Melania on impact for no obvious reason in the early morning hours on Friday, saying that the main woman dependably looks “miserable” and “furious.” She additionally said she feels “awful” for Melania.

Uhm WHAT? Melania and Trump have an extraordinary marriage, look at how adorable they were in this 2016 meeting, around 02:25:

She at that point questions President Trump’s association with his child Barron by saying she’s never observed the President “embrace, give nuggies, or play with his child.”

I don’t know where these famous people get the nerve to assault our astonishing First Lady and a 11-year-old kid. Given all the death “jokes” going around of late, I figure they have a craving for anything is alright.

Melania took everything in walk however. She made no remark about Cher’s awful comments, and rather boarded Air Force one with her better half and child to spend the fourth of July end of the week in New Jersey.

We cherish the primary woman and Barron, and are so tired of hearing them being tirelessly derided by the press and superstars. You know it was basically taboo to say anything in regards to Michelle Obama or Obama’s association with his little girls. Cher believes it’s alright to say these things in regards to Melania and Barron however for reasons unknown.