BREAKING : Trump’s Speech Beats the OSCARS in the RATINGS!

Our famous president Donald Trump derived the most terrific and brilliant speech any president ever did.

He was being praised by the two sides of the aisle because of the speech that moved all the people in the hall. In one word, it was powerful, it was close to the heart, full with understanding and belief. You could see it in his eyes, the honesty, the love for his people.
The event was followed worldwide and there was one of the most famous TV houses, Fox News. The reporter from Fox News Chris Wallace said:

“Tonight Donald Trump became this nation’s President.”

And The Oscars had their publicity raised on a really envious level. Because of Trump’s speech their ratings jumped of to 43 million viewers tuned just so they can listen to their president speak, And he did it! He derived the most watched and followed speech in US history. It was the most influential speech ever!!!

According to Nielsen more than 43 million watched Trump’s first address to Congress  on all the networks all around America.

The most watched channel last night was Fox News, with more than 10,765 million viewers. Second most watched television channel was NBC with 9,144 million viewers. NBC had The Voice as lead in,

And this is only Nielsen numbers, and it’s only from watching TV, not to mention the other medias such as radios and internet live streams, the numbers are hitting the roof, and all that because of our President.

Guess what- he is making America Great –AGAIN! He is nothing but pure good to America and Americans.

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