BREAKING: Obama Stole $2 BILLION From Social Security, Gave It To Democrat Group. Would You Support Trump If He Arrest Him ?

Unlawful movement. Controlling it prompts tackling such a large number of different issues in our nation. Among those issues are violations like medication trafficking, human trafficking, psychological oppression, and the inefficient spending of our expense dollars.

On Friday, the Office of the Inspector General discharged the consequences of a current review, which demonstrated a huge number of instances of advantages being paid to people without Social Security numbers. The sum totaled over $1 billion.

The cash was paid out finished the most recent 10 years to more than 22,000 people.

To compound an already painful situation, the report additionally demonstrated that since 2004, over $800 million went to people whose entrance to benefits should have been disavowed.

Besides, We the People will be paying over $180 million every year in benefits. We’ll keep on paying people with no Social Security numbers in the event that we don’t make dire move to amend this issue.

This is Obama’s administration, nationalists. This is the thing that the Democrat side of the passageway remains for nowadays.

They’ll cry to the sky about Barron Trump getting Secret Service assurance that includes taking him to class, since radical liberals are undermining a kid and his mom, yet they’ll giggle at the reality a huge number of dollars are squandered each day to pay for individuals that don’t have a place in this nation.

It’s sufficiently terrible they’re getting our cash, yet we have demonstrated that, in a lot of cases, the cash isn’t notwithstanding being utilized for the reason for which it is issued.