Liberals FREAK Over One Thing Spotted In Award-Winning PHOTO Of Barron Trump

Every February, The White House News  Photographers Association is hosting a photography contest and this time, the image of Barron Trump is made by Washington Post photographer Jabid Botsford who has received the top prize.
Of course the liberals are losing their mind for the feedback on spotting the only one thing in the picture.

The photo is named simply- “BARRON”, and has won the Still Contest. It shows the President’s son Barron Trump looking outside of the window of  their limousine on the Inauguration Day. And as they go down the way there is seen a soldier saluting the limousine and our President is in the backseat giving his famous “thumbs up” signal.

A photograph titled “BARRON,” which was taken by Washington Post photographer Jabin Botsford, has won the Still Contest in an annual competition held by the White House News Photographers Association. (Source: ReadingThePictures)

Sure, it didn’t take long for the left ones to get a stupid reason for taking an example with the glorious image taken on January 20th, 2017. And then, the main photography critic Michael Shaw of ReadingThePictures had this to say.

“Given the media blackout on children of the president, how far can we go in analyzing this now acclaimed piece of journalism?

To what extent is it respectful (or safe) to tease out the meaning, power and symbolism of the prized scene?

On one level, of course, the face in the front window could belong to anyone. As a visual counter to Trump’s ‘thumbs up,’ the child’s expression could be seen to represent the alienation, the horror even, so many people feel over Trump’s election. Call it a ‘silent scream.”

Of course no one can be noted of taking the Obama photographs taken during the former inauguration to this level. And there were so many pictures taken of the Obama Family and yet, there were none to be picked by the ones on the right.

The Obama Family in 2008 (Source: E! Online)

Furthermore, the same sort of “media blackout” Shaw is telling about was also engaged by the Obamas, and sure it was far more esteemed by representatives of the mass media. Michelle is known to call phone agencies which had took photos of her daughters and she ordered them not to print the photos. If you can’t call this a “media blackout” We don’t know what you can.

This is another example that there are no double standards and we have witnessed it more than enough. The Republican office is not receiving the same treatment as his Democrat opponents. And we should fight for our rights, for our double standards. Especially when there is a child included. You cannot just take a picture of a kid and comment about it whatever you want.

First of all he is the President’s son, tomorrow this could be another child. We need to support the Trump family so they will know that even if they don’t get the support they need from the medias and the press, they get it from us. SHARE THIS SO THAT WE CAN CHANGE THE MEDIA. SHARE THIS SO WE CAN PROVE THAT WE CAN MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN FOR EVERYONE.