Anti-Trump Actor’s New Movie Sells ONE TICKET on Opening Day

Yikes! Shia Labeouf ought to change his against Trump trademark from “He Will Not Divide Us” to “He Screwed Me,” in light of the fact that the wannabe dissident performer simply had the most HUMILIATING film debut, ever.

Labeouf’s new indy activity flick is called “Man Down.”

It’s a gathered war thriller (eye roll) and on opening day in England, the film sold one ticket and earned 8.70USD.

“Man Down,” a war thriller with Shia LaBeouf, earned just £7 ($8.70) when it debuted in a solitary U.K. theater throughout the end of the week, as indicated by ComScore. That is what might as well be called offering a solitary ticket, given that the U.K. Film Association puts the normal motion picture confirmation cost in the nation at £7.21.

“Poor Shia,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media examiner at ComScore. “That opening could be in the Guinness World Records or something.”

The film played in one area, Reel Cinema in Burnley. It was all the while discharged carefully on request, making the showy discharge something of a reconsideration. It dispatches on DVD and Blu-beam one month from now, as indicated by the Guardian.

Subsequent to scoring in huge studio blockbusters, for example, “Transformers” and “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” LaBeouf has concentrated on more outside the box ventures with blended achievement. He earned solid surveys for a year ago’s “American Honey,” yet other work, for example, “The Company You Keep” and “Charlie Countryman” have scarcely enlisted with commentators or groups of onlookers. Rather, the media has concentrated on LaBeouf’s off-screen conduct, such a few liquor related captures (he got calm), and execution craftsmanship that as of late observed the performing artist take an interest in a workmanship establishment dissenting Donald Trump’s administration.