Ann Coulter: Even Bill Maher, Chris Matthews Are Questioning Anti-Free Speech Efforts at Universities

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter, creator of “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!” said Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Equity” that college executives have progressed toward becoming so “protected” as to free discourse that even Bill Maher and Chris Matthews have begun addressing them.

College of California at Berkeley disinvited Coulter from talking on grounds, refering to security dangers.

“It’s intriguing how protected, and fascistic college managers have turned into that the general population who are ideologically adjusted to them, I mean, not simply Bill Maher, Chris Matthews, Margaret Carlson, Robert Reich, who is a teacher, worked in the Clinton organization, at Berkeley,” Coulter told have Judge Jeanine Pirro.

She proceeded with, “They have turned out to be so protected from reality, that even individuals on their side are sitting back saying, ‘What’s happening with you, Berkeley? We have a Constitution and a First Amendment.’ It makes it particularly shocking this is a state college, this is government activity choosing which discourse can be heard and which discourse can’t be listened, however any college is tolerating enormous measures of cash from the citizen. They can’t do this. This isn’t a private club.”