ALERT: Fox News Exposes 4 MILLION Fraudulent Votes, Trail Leads STRAIGHT To Obama

Voter misrepresentation is a difficult issue in our nation, and, on account of Obama, it was running uncontrolled in a year ago’s decision. Obviously, the liberal media have nothing to say in regards to this.

It was dependent upon Fox News and their visitor, J. Christian Adams, to get to the base of this. In a meeting on Friday, Adams expressed, “Dead individuals are voting, and it’s something [the Obama] organization does not have any desire to take care of. They should like it. They should like their identity voting in favor of … Now, we have four million, four million, Steve — ineligible and dead voters on American voter moves as per the Pew Charitable Trust!”

Adams represents considerable authority in documenting claims against deceitful voters. A year ago alone, he recorded six suits in Philadelphia and Florida — states where their voter rolls are traded off.

“In Texas, we had one situation where somebody on the voter rolls had kicked the bucket in 1944,” said Adams to a shocked Fox News.

Amid Adams’ chance working with the Bush organization, he asserts these issues were really handled. The organization of the time was getting serious about states to tidy up their voter rolls and expel dead voters.

Be that as it may, when Obama got into power, those systems were put to an unexpected end. It was clear the new liberal organization needed illicit and dead voters, as well as they energized it.

The prevailing press have been deceiving every one of us. They’ve been guaranteeing for as long as eight years that false votes are not an issue. Presently, we have FOUR MILLION, potentially more, dead voters in the voter rolls — all that could possibly be needed to impact a decision for the Democrats.

As of now, The League of Women Voters, alongside a couple of other liberal gatherings, are attempting to put a stop on Adams’ voter misrepresentation claims. They realize that, on the off chance that he wins, things will no longer go to support them. They’ll promptly lose what little power they have.

The Obama organization relentlessly declined to follow cases including voter misrepresentation since that is EXACTLY where their votes were originating from. Is it any ponder Obama figured out how to be reelected?

Voter misrepresentation is, obviously, a wrongdoing. Furthermore, we as a whole know how much lawbreakers adored Barack Obama. He let them escape with anything — from psychological warfare, to living in our nation unlawfully, to depleting our welfare framework.

Stricter voter ID laws should be set up. President Trump is as of now mindful of the issue and will convey back approaches to weed out the dead and illicit voters from our middle. When 2020 moves around, we’ll have a significantly more attractive playing field.