WikiLeaks Drops BOMBSHELL About Debate – THE FIX WAS IN!

At least 19 million people saw the debate last and and at least half of them figured out that the debate was rigged against Trump.

First, Hillary had her podium adjusted, then Trump’s mic volume was lowered and moderator Lester Holt interrupted Trump 41 times to “fact check.”

Now, Wikileaks dropped another BOMSHELL…

But viewers noticed something strange about the camera angle. As Wikileaks pointed out (below), the camera was adjusted to where even though Hillary is a foot shorter than Trump, she was given an angle to convey authority.

It appears the networks wanted Hillary to look Presidential….

Do you think there’s something to that? Trump clearly had microphone problems, but were the cameras deliberately adjusted to make Hillary look taller and authoritative?

I wouldn’t put anything past the liberal media. It’s clear this entire election is being rigged, even as Trump’s poll numbers continue to skyrocket.