We’ve Got Our Country Back – Trump And American People Prove Miracles Do Happen



Like the “Miracle on Ice” of the 1980 Olympics, when the US defeated the heavily favored and state-sponsored Russians, Donald Trump and the American people have pulled off the greatest of upset victories over the corrupt federal government. We have put their globalist oligarchy, and its point man Hussein Obama effective on ice. Four years of a Trump presidency, particularly if Republicans are able to hold on to the Senate, gives us the opportunity to not only right the wrongs of the past eight long, miserable years, but to correct the shortcomings exposed through us coming as close as we did to losing our nation forever.

Mr. Trump won’t be complacent and he won’t tolerate complacency on the part of those in his administration. We can expect proactive, pro-American government, a vitalized economy and the elimination of much of the government red tape and intrusiveness that has cluttered our lives since the Marxist Democrats came to power in 1992 under the original corrupt Clinton and the original Bush before him. We can expect Mr. Trump to deliver on his promises to put Americans and America first and to make America great again.

Now Hillary, Huma and the rest of the Clinton cartel can go back to worrying about whether the Obama pardon will cover everything or if there is some way that they might still be held accountable for their crimes once he’s gone. Obama can share those same concerns as much will surely come to light once Mr. Trump has full access to the government. When Trump talked of draining the swamp, he meant all of the vile creatures, the lobbyists and whatever position Obama planned on holding to capitalize on his access to power. Obama might issue a pardon, but new Congressional hearings would offer multiple opportunities for perjury to be committed by these pathological liars. At a minimum we’d learn where the bodies are buried, what was actually going on. You can’t cover everything in a pardon.

John Kerry can concern himself with the obstruction of justice he’s engaged in, the favors granted his daughter through the UN, the climate change payola racketeering and who knows what all was involved with the Iran deal and elsewhere.

Jihadi Jeh Johnson can be held for his violations of federal law by ordering CBP and ICE agents to not enforce the law and to violate their oaths of office. He obstructed justice in doing so and in issuing his memorandum supposedly invalidating federal immigration law.

Eric Holder can expect to be prosecuted for his role in gun running in Fast and Furious and possibly for fomenting a race war in America through his actions in Ferguson. Once a new, trustworthy and credible Attorney General and FBI Director are in place real, serious investigations can be conducted.

Valerie Jarrett is surely to be invited to the party, she’s just been better able to keep her scandals concealed. That will change and hopefully none of them will be left out. Of course it’s possible there was someone in the regime that isn’t a criminal piece of lowlife trash, but it isn’t likely. There’s going to be a lot of work for lawyers come January and February.

This is a great day for America. The authoritarian elites in government, industry, academia and the media did their worst to try to ensure that the people never again had control of the reins of their government. They lost that battle and the media, who Mr. Trump has branded as the most corrupt people in the country, can expect their anti-trust violations to soon become a topic of discussion. Facebook, Twitter and Google can expect similar actions to break their death grip on our ability to communicate online. Who knows, Trump might even start up a new Internet for America to replace the one that Obama stole from us.

The globalists have messed with the wrong guy and the wrong silent majority. We’re riled up, our wildest dreams have come true and we’re going to make the most of it. This is not an opportunity that will come again. It cannot be squandered. We understand that. Hillary Clinton, Hussein Obama and the oligarchs are about to fully comprehend just how well aware we are of our good fortune. Our prayers were answered. Thank God, our prayers were answered.