WATCH – THIS Video Could Elect Donald J. Trump PRESIDENT – IF People Spread It


The mainstream media, try as they might, have not been able to dampen the Donald Trump movement. Far too many patriotic citizens are too determined to Make America Great Again to let that happen. This series of old interviews with Trump showcase how he, unlike Hillary Clinton, has remained true to his beliefs and vision for America throughout his very lucrative career.


“I think people are tired of seeing America get ripped off,” Donald Trump said during an interview with Oprah after the talk show host asked if he would ever seriously consider running for president.

Donald Trump has perhaps been asked that question more than any other American citizen – even though he had never even held a local public office.

Trump said one of the reasons he didn’t think he would want to run for the presidency, at least not until it was evident the country was getting too far gone and no other qualified patriot had thrown a hat in the ring, is because politics seems like a truly “ugly business.”

He was right. Not only is politics ugly, but it is full of hypocrisy.

The very same people who loathed Hillary Clinton when she ran against Barack Obama, and chastised her expertise and record, now herald her as the saving grace of our nation.

Lying and being two-faced just is not part of the make-up of a brutally honest man like Donald Trump.

Trump’s unwillingness to pretend to like anyone or anything which does not coincide with his staunchly and long-held views is a large part of the reason he has endeared himself to We the People.

He defied the Republican establishment and the mainstream media Liberal pundits, and then ran away with the primary.

Now, on the eve of the first presidential debate, he is poised to do the same thing again in the general election.

Share this video and and help convince the undecided voters and wavering Hillary Clinton supporters what a true statesman and patriot sounds like!