WATCH: Unlike Obama, Trump HONOURS Fallen Soldier — How Will Trump Haters DISPARAGE This?!

It’s good to be American, finally we can breathe more easily. It is so good  to have a president that is doing everything possible to make America great again.

If you have watched the  Presidential Address then you must  have one moment enclosed in your memory for a long time. And you will know, that in that particular moment, there weren’t a person that wasn’t crying in the house.

Sure, we are talking about the honoring of  both Ryan Owens, and his widow, Carryn.

The U.S Navy Special Operator and  Senior Chief – Owens, paid the biggest price on 29th of January- his LIFE. And now,  there is a special recognition for his sacrifice.

Our President, of course started the standing ovation. And it lasted, and it kept going and going. Ivanka was offering comfort to  widow Carryn  and was sitting right beside her.

How her derogators and critics will take this to another level and will use this for their “personification of evil” we don’t know. But be sure that they will be coming with something, definitely.

And until that happens, here’s another photo of Ivanka’s interaction with Carryn.

It was a pretty gentle moment, especially for those like us. We couldn’t stand it anymore the deaths  of people serving for  Obama and  “his” democrats. So truly, this is a refreshment.

But what really triggered the standing ovation was the President’s speech, where he told that Owens’ sacrifice was accomplished. And then, you can hear the loud and clear applause. It lasted pretty long, and it pretty much sounded like a thunder.

‘Ryan is looking on, right now. And he is very happy because I think he just broke a record.

After this, whatever you say is irrelevant. The only true thing is that we have a President who loves  America and has the same interests as we do. He encourages and is impressed and delighted by people who are serving America and loving America with the same enthusiasm and love as he does. How can you not love him. How can you not support him. He’s the greatest of them ALL.