WATCH – Trump Releases CRUSHING Anti-Hillary Video Every American Has Been Waiting For


Donald Trump’s latest ad will go down in political advertising history. Never before has an ad said so much in just a short amount of time, hitting the nail directly on the head with every single sentence and video frame appearing on the screen. If social media had existed during Ronald Reagan’s time, this surely would have been the kind of video the great man would have wanted to put before the voters.

“In Hillary Clinton’s America, the middle class gets crushed. Spending goes up. Taxes go up. Hundreds of thousands of jobs disappear. It’s more of the same but worse,” the new Donald Trump video says.

The already viral campaign ad is entitled, “Two Americas: Economy.”

The video both quickly and clearly defines the important differences between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s economic visions for America.

Hillary, being the typical big government-loving liberal, wants to entice voters with free stuff and levy even more taxes on jobs creators and members of the hardworking middle class to pay for them.

Donald Trump, being a successful businessman, knows that flawed and stale Democrat game plan will not only sink us further into debt, but it could push our already teetering economy over the brink.

There are currently 43 million Americans on food stamps.

More citizens are living off government (taxpayer funded) social programs than are actually working and paying into the system.

Taking more money from the pockets of workers and job creators to cover the cradle-to-the-grave needs of folks sitting at home watching television will not reverse the economic troubles the Obama administration’s policies has created and exasperated.

The 30-second campaign ad is now airing in the all-important battleground states of Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Iowa, and New Hampshire.

“The American dream: achievable. Change that makes America great again,” the Donald Trump ad continues.

As a new Associated Press report notes, the Trump campaign has recently decided to spend more than $10 million on ads to air now through next week.

The pollsters are now not so sure Hillary is really leading Donald Trump in most states as the mainstream media claimed all last week.

While liberal pundits were debating the polls, money spent on campaign ads, and the content of such ads, my husband turned to me and said:

“All these polls are pointless. During the first debate, Trump is going to slip up and call Hillary a b***h and win by a landslide.”

Oh how I love that man!

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