WATCH: Trump Proves Hillary Clinton Hates America in Just 12 Words


IT’S OFFICIAL: Hillary Hates America!

Well.. at least she hates the American people. Watch the video below where Trump proves she hates America with only 12 words.

She has made that clear over the past several weeks, which probably explains why her poll numbers are TANKING!

She called TENS OF MILLIONS of hard-working Trump supporters “deplorable” and said they were “irredeemable” while at the same time she refuses to say “radical islamic terrorist” to describe a jihadist attacker.

The media keeps pushing this BS narrative that Trump is “divisive” and “hateful” but he hasn’t said ANYTHING like that about her supporters. In fact, he is going into the inter-city communities trying to win her supporters over.

Well Trump just SLAMMED Hillary with 12 words that sum up her entire campaign.

“Hillary Clinton talks tougher about my supporters than she does about Islamic terrorists.”

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