WATCH: Trump HUMILIATES Pro-Muslim German Leader On Camera

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is a prominent Muslim sympathizer and somebody who has been straightforwardly condemning of Donald Trump both prior and then afterward the decision.

When meeting with her today and inquired as to whether he might want a handshake photograph, Trump just took a gander at the ground and after that his staff requested that the press leave the room…

No handshake. No talking to one another. That Trump-Merkel pool spray was pretty awkward.

Trump’s position against Muslims is at the foundation of the issue between these two and additionally a distinction on exchange.

Amid the battle, Trump directed particularly toward the open-entryway approach Germany has for permitting displaced people to run uncontrolled inside its outskirts.

Merkel countered him on a few events, voicing her failure the United States was currently taking such a hardline position against permitting exiles to come into the nation while in the meantime observing lives lost in her own nation on account of radical Islamists.

In his part as president, Trump should manage individuals he doesn’t care for, and this would appear to be one of those events.

Trump says all the correct things when he is gotten some information about Merkel, telling the press he regards her as a pioneer; however the reality she is permitting such a variety of displaced people inside her fringes is clearly an issue for him.

Merkel will experience considerable difficulties this one down, and I think the expression all over amid the post-meeting public interview demonstrated that she is similarly as awkward around Trump as he is around her.

I have undoubtedly this will give more grain to the liberal press, however Trump will be Trump, and on the off chance that he doesn’t concur with this lady, he will give that a chance to be known.

Having said all that, I trust Trump will work with Merkel to guarantee the connection between the nations stays on great terms, yet in all genuineness, these two pioneers are truly and allegorically completely different by the way they take a gander at these two hot catch issues, which means exchange and outcasts.

I would not expect a love fest at any point in the near future.

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