WATCH: ‘Good Samaritan’ Offers to Help Pay For Meal, What Happened Next is SICKENING

We’re not ones to pass on doing a decent deed for our kindred man… however subsequent to watching this video; we’d ensure we were equipped before making the offer.

While eating at a fast food burger joint in Brooklyn, a Great Samaritan really wanted to see the two men at the front of the eatery grumbling they didn’t have a dollar to spend. Accordingly, he offered to get them a supper — and was beaten and looted for his liberality!

The casualty, 37, was surged by the two men he offered to help and was directed a fierce beating. When he attempted to protect himself with his stick, three more men showed up from outside to hold him down.

The five men more than once rained blows upon the casualty and in the long run dragged his limp, beaten body close to the front entryway where they cleared out him to endure. Soon after, another man, who could conceivably have been a piece of the gathering of attackers, strolled up to the casualty and grabbed the man’s wallet!

EMTs touched base on the scene not long after and took the casualty to the doctor’s facility where he was dealt with for various broken bones, cuts, and wounds. He’s as of now in stable condition.

What is the world coming to when we can’t offer an outsider a dinner without dread of viciousness? How is it quite recently that these offenders still walk the roads while their casualty lays softened up a healing center bed?

As of now NONE of the men required in this assault and burglary have been found or charged. Brooklyn police are getting some information about the attackers to call their data line. Nationalists investigate the countenances in the video above: have YOU seen these men?

Maybe the most appalling point of interest of this story is that reality that no OTHER Good Samaritans were on the scene — or they were excessively terrified, making it impossible to offer assistance. As the casualty was draining and jerking on the floor, clients actually strolled over him, overlooking his requests for offer assistance.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: clients at this diner kept on streaming in and arrange sustenance as though it were “the same old thing” at the eatery. Not even the eatery staff made a move to help the casualty other than calling the police. Is wrongdoing in Brooklyn so uncontrolled, and its kin so tainted, that seeing a man seeping on the floor is no longer reason for alert? Provided that this is true, then We the People can’t let this stand. As a city in one of our finest states, we have to do everything we can to reestablish arrange and take security back to the general population.

President Trump pledged to make America safe once more, and we have doubtlessly he’ll finish on that guarantee. It might require investment, however soon Good Samaritans the country over will at the end of the day feel sufficiently safe to loan some assistance to their kindred man.

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