Watch Condi Rice Crush Liberals with a Little History Lesson About Slavery

Cons Journal| If you missed it, past Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice went on “Fox and Friends” in the no so distant past to propel her new book, “Dominant part administers framework: Stories from the Long Road to Freedom.”

Given a part of the events that happened this past end of the week, co-have Brian Kilmeade asked her a fairly entrancing request straight out of the entryway (demonstrate: liberals are not setting off to along these lines).

“I have to examine where your book starts, and that is our constitution. As an African-American woman, do you see yourself in this constitution? Do you envision that, when we look at nine of our underlying twelve presidents as slave proprietors, would it be fitting for us to start cutting their statues down and say, we’re embarrassed by you?”

“In a word, No,” Rice said. “I am a firm aficionado to ‘keep your history before you.’ So I would lean toward truly not to rename things that were named for slave proprietors. I require us to need to look at those names, and recognize what they did, and have the ability to tell our youngsters what they did and for them to have their own one of a kind feeling history.”

“When you start wiping out your history; cleaning your history to enhance you feel? It’s a dreadful thing,” she included. READ MORE Or WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW … .