Undocumented Immigrants Are STEALING IDENTITIES. Always Watch Your Back!!!

In Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, the Police have charged three immigrants with identity stealing.

The three illegals Francisco Vidal Perez- Vasquez, Ervin Domingo-Felipe and Selvin Roberto Perez-Vasquez are charged with many count on identity stealing.


As the Chambersburg Police reports, the charges are  a result  from Domingo Felipe’s investigation. The 25 year old illegal immigrant from Guatemala  of 377 E. Liberty St. had bought a Social Security car and had an California I.D card.

The two documents were  used for the immigrant to get a job at El Dorado Stone in Greencastle.

The identity stealing was stopped when the resident in Chambersburg went to the local Social Security to apply for benefits and he was refused. The record that he had showed that he worked two different jobs in two different places, and one of them was in El Dorado Stone, according to the Police officers.

Of course, the resident had denied that he was working there. And the police told him that his Social Security Number showed that he was currently working there.

Then he contacted the Chambersburg police, where he flied a report, and the Police found out that Domingo had been using a fake identity which was stolen.

During the investigation about Domingo-Felipe. The police found two more illegal immigrants working for the same company.

As the Chambersburg  Police says the second illegal immigrant Francisco Vidal –Perez Vasquez, 18 of 240 E. Catherine St. was found in using a Puerto Rican Social Security Card and North Carolina ID card with a photo bearing another person’s name.

The third immigrant, Selvin Roberto Perez-Vasquez,25 had the same address with Francisco, and he also was found using  a Puerto Rican Social Security card, and a resident’s ID card bearing another person’s name.

Many immigrants come to our country  and it was OK before they started to harm the US citizens. They are not making America great again. That’s why we have our President.

ICE( Immigration and Customs Enforcement recently made a statement that 70 % of the immigrants are criminals, and they were sent in America during Trump’s campaign trail. They are making us not feeling safe anymore. And that’s no good. We need to stop them for good.

To let them know that they are not welcome in our country we must SHARE this in order to support our president in his decisions.  Let’s not feel unsafe in our own country. LET’S MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN. LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.