WHOA! Dr. Rand Paul Reveals SHOCKING Truth About Hillary’s Sickness


Dr. Rand Paul Just Said What All Doctors Have been saying Privately About Hillary’s Health!


Rand Paul is an eye surgeon and has continued to practice upon being elected Senator in Kentucky in 2010.

He has previously said Hillary is disqualified from office because of her failures in Benghazi, but now he has an even better reason…

Dr. Paul broke his silence about Hillary’s health and also questioned whether or not she has been truthful about it.

“Her losing consciousness, there, which by all appearances she did lose consciousness, is not something commonly associated with pneumonia,” 

And he said what most doctors have been saying privately, but are scared to say publicly.

“I think she has some significant health problems…”

He took on Hillary’s doctor, which many Doctors have, on the claim that Hillary had “Non-Contagious” Pneumonia. It is not actually a real thing…

“The diagnosis as a something being a non-infectious infection is kind of a strange way to describe a pneumonia as well,”

Dr. Paul also questioned whether or not Hillary herself has been honest about her health.

“Her heath is an issue..Particularly the fact that she has not been very forthcoming with it.”

Hopefully someone asks Dr. Paul about the picture we reported on that appears to show Hillary receiving a “Stroke Score” test from her doctor RIGHT before collapsing.

Hillary’s instinct to LIE and COVER UP has been exposed even more with her health crisis.  She won’t even ADMIT that she fainted, even though video clearly shows it. 

Does she think we are all stupid?

Is she going to call Dr. Rand Paul, a practicing Surgeon, a “conspiracy theorist too?

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