The Trumps Ask for Prayer in Final Days of Election


Candidate and his wife ask for God’s protection and blessings over this nation

Donald and Melania Trump have requested prayers for wisdom, health and God’s blessing during the final days of a contentious and dramatic election season.

When Christian Broadcast News (CBN) chief political correspondent David Brody recently asked the Republican candidate what he needed prayer for, Trump’s first request was for God’s wisdom. Then, he asked that Americans pray for God’s blessing over the nation.

“I believe God has chosen him for this time,” said one Christian voter.

“I would say I would like them to pray for guidance and to pray for our country because we need prayer — now almost more than we’ve ever needed it before,” Trump said.

Carole Purcell, 52, a Baltimore, Maryland resident, is praying nightly for Trump. “I ask God to give him focus, and to keep him honed in on issues that Americans care about,” she told LifeZette. “I ask God to hold him back from responding to those who would bait him — and for him to grow daily in strength of character. I firmly believe God is involved in all we have been allowed to learn about the corruption of the Clintons — and the strengths of the Trumps.”

Melania Trump’s prayer requests were for physical strength to finish the race.

“Well, we always say health,” the potential first lady told CBN. “That’s the most important because if you have health, you keep going and keep fighting.”

Said Purcell, “I pray for not only Trump’s physical health but his spiritual health, too — and that he really feels and hears God’s message for him. I believe God has chosen him for this time. God chooses imperfect people — the Bible has many instances of this — to perform His toughest and most important work.”

Lisa Ferrari is praying for a big win on Nov. 8. A wife and car dealership service adviser in Nottingham, New Hampshire, Ferrari is praying boldly and specifically for God’s answer to her prayers.

“Trump has to win on Election Day, and by an undeniable margin, so that he can make America great again — that is my prayer,” she told LifeZette. “I am asking God to allow us to live through the revolution that will be Trump’s correction of our current disastrous course socially, culturally, and politically. The corruption we have seen is unheard of in our time — darkness is threatening our nation in the form of Clinton,” Ferrari continued. “The latest poll has Donald Trump leading by 1 point in New Hampshire, which everyone said would go blue for Clinton — who says prayer doesn’t work?”

“For evangelicals, it’s so important that they get out and vote.”

“Is it about the base at this point to make sure evangelicals — who are a big part of the base — that they get out?” Brody asked Trump. “Because do you believe evangelicals are the ones that kind of brought you to the dance and they are the ones that are going to get you over the top?”

Trump responded that their support will make all the difference on Election Day. He reminded the prayerful that staying home will give Clinton a victory — just like what happened in the last election.

“We’re doing very well with evangelicals, and if they vote, we’re going to win the election,” Trump emphasized. “Had they voted four years ago — and they didn’t — you would have had a different result in the election instead of having Obama, who has been catastrophic for evangelicals and a lot of the things that we stand for.”

Trump’s biggest message for the faithful? It’s about the future of the Supreme Court.

“I just want the people to remember [the] United States Supreme Court,” Trump said. “Whether they love me or like me or don’t like me, we’re going to put great justices — pro-life justices — we’re going to put Second Amendment justices [on the bench], and I think for the evangelicals, it’s so important that they get out and vote.”