Trump vs. Clinton: What to expect and where you can watch live online


Tonight’s first televised debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, on Long Island, New York, is expected to generate a ‘Super-Bowlesque’ audience. Analysts say that up to 112 million viewers could tune in, a figure that Donald Trump will interpret as an indication of his immense popularity.


Even on this side of the Atlantic, a large number of people will stay up to the early hours (2am – 3.30am) to see the Donald versus Mrs C, such is the excitement surrounding the presidential election. So what can we expect? Here are six things to look out for:

1) Clinton will try so hard to appear healthy that she will end up looking mentally ill.

2) Donald Trump will say something horrific.

3) It will be seriously boring in parts

4) Donald Trump will bore you, but not as much as Hillary Clinton.

5) Clinton will talk policy. Trump will do emotion.

6) Donald Trump will say the debates have been rigged, whatever happens, and his fans will agree.

Here’s how to watch Monday’s 90-minute debate:


The event will be broadcast on most major TV channels, including ABC, CBS, CNN, C-SPAN, Fox News, MSNBC, and Univision.


News organizations including Fortune, NBC News, PBS, Fox News, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, andTelemundo will all be live-streaming the debates onYouTube, Google said.


Facebook will serve as the exclusive media sponsor for the first and third debates, according to the Commission. The social media platform says it will beusing Facebook Live to broadcast what’s happening onsite, as well as an interactive touch screen to show the conversation as it advances.

Facebook announced last week that it would bepartnering with ABC News to live-stream each of the debates.