Trump EXPLODES After The News That Pres. Bush Is Voting For Hillary (VIDEO)


As everyone knows by now, former republican president George H.W. Bush is planning to vote for Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, the republican nominee.


And as you could expect, Trump is not happy.

Katrina Pierson was on Fox News’s “The Kelly File”, and said, “If it is true that some of the Bushes are going to be supporting Hillary Clinton, then I think it really offers vindication for a lot of the tea party goers who felt like Republicans were starting to govern as Democrats. The establishment is going to stick with the establishment.”

Pierson remarked on a situation where “you have Republicans in a record number turn out for Donald Trump and you have former leaders of the party just essentially slap them in the face.”

She continued, “Everyone is going to have to choose who best suits their values, and if Hillary Clinton represents George Bush’s values then that’s his prerogative.”

WATCH: (Begins at 37:10)