Alert: McCain Caught Making HIGHLY ILLEGAL Phone Call to Foreign Country. Should He Be CHARGED?!?


The US senator is definitely a traitor to the country! Instead of supporting President Donald Trump and make America GREAT and SAFE again he does this!!!

He made a call to the ambassador in Australia, to tell the message further to Malcolm Turnbull (The Prime Minister). Of course, that’s hurting the law, and may be also an abuse of the Logan Act. This law, is actually a blocking people who are citizens of America from interrupting  in debates and arguments the Country is having with other countries.

Mc Cain said that Australians are our longest and oldest friends, and that he called the Ambassador just to show and express his biggest support for the America-Australia alliance.

But, on the opposite side the Logan Act, says that NO citizen of the United States can contact directly or indirectly any officer or other person of a foreign government without a permission of the United States, Of course if this happens, the person should be sent to prison for at least 3 years, or he should be fined, or both.

McCain continued to defense himself

McCain continued to defense himself claiming that they are connected by “ties and family and friendship”. He was giving up details when talking about what he said in the phone call.

The senator also said that he just wanted to honor the sacrifice that the people of Australia made for America and because of them our country is a better place to live, because it’s safe and free. He said that that was the least that he can do because the Australians are doing so much more for the United States.

You can easily be fooled by his comments, but if you are thinking with your own head, and you’re thinking outside the box like any other PATRIOTIC AMERICAN, you’ll see that he is nothing but a traitor. SHARE  this post for the good of OUR country. SHARE it so that other people can see who are we dealing with. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN. NO TRAITORS ALLOWED!!!