Is It Time For James Comey To Be Relieved Of His Duties?

What number of you observed today’s examination and got angry with what they could discuss and what they proved unable?

FBI Director James Comey affirmed today that there is an open examination concerning Russian obstruction in the 2016 presidential decision and any conceivable connections to the Trump battle. Comey additionally said he has “no data” to bolster President Trump’s claims that then-President Obama requested reconnaissance of Trump Tower amid the decision while he likewise said there is no data that Russia messed with our races.

I watched the hearing… .3 questions I have.

1.Why is the FBI and Justice Department who supposedly had part in this wiretapping of Trump examining themselves? (Since when might they admit to it in the event that they thought about it, they would have carried out a wrongdoing, so of. Course they will state they don’t know anything). We require a free examination.

2.Amid this hearing, it was expressed a few circumstances that the Russians have been attempting to impact US races for a considerable length of time so why now, since this time they delivered prove that the Democrats were planning something sinister?

3.They obviously expressed the reports spilled were unaltered, so the data spilled was genuine. So why is that stuff not being investigated?

There is confirmation of Homeland Security hacking the decision and no proof of Russian programmers. They keep on hanging onto the false report while disregarding the real programmers!