Thugs Threaten Man Holding US Flag, INSTANTLY Regret It…

A San Francisco man, Kyle Chapman, calls himself “Based Stickman” and makes it his central goal to face radical hooligans as a “defender of flexibility.” Recently, while conveying an American banner in the city of Berkeley, California, six liberal hooligans thought they could physically scare him. They weren’t right.

Chapman made a beeline for Berkeley. On Monday, Chapman rampaged of Berkeley wearing a baseball protective cap and conveying an American banner to advance an ace Trump, ace free discourse rally occurring there on Saturday.

“Simply needed to show you all there is nothing to fear by turning out over here and practicing our First Amendment rights,” Chapman, 41, said as he strolled around the radical town, Berkeleyside detailed. “The greater part of the tenants of this city are a group of f***ing defeatists that couldn’t battle out of a paper sack.”

Radical hooligans faced him. As per the outlet, a few people couldn’t have cared less to see Chapman strolling around, and soon no less than six hooligans tailed him.

“You going to haul out a blade, as well?” a man could apparently be heard asking Chapman.

The group hovered Chapman in the focal point of Berkeley’s Civic Center Park, and one man let him know, “I don’t wanna see y’all around here once more.”

A battle resulted. As indicated by Berkeleyside, now one of the men went up against Chapman, hollered at him and needing to stir something up.

That “intense person” wearing shades discovered rapidly what an awful thought that was, as Chapman didn’t down — rather he took a swing at part of the gang out in front, who then tumbled to the ground.


Another man wielded a skateboard and swung it at Chapman, who utilized his banner on a stick to battle off the posse.

“Officers reacted and discovered Chapman had gotten into a quarrel with a unidentified man who hit him with a skateboard, and another male … who supposedly displayed him with an expansive blade,” police told Berkeleyside.

They included that both Chapman and the man who apparently had a blade — Emmanuel Hall, 33 — were kept.

The two men documented native’s captures on each other and were consequently discharged in the wake of getting references, as per Berkeleyside.

Chapman stood up. “They attempted to encompass us while we were leaving,” Chapman composed on Facebook. “Nothing a little jaw check couldn’t settle!”

“They called the cops like pussies. I spent the greater part of the night in prison, piled on another charge. My young men were sitting tight for me when I was discharged. It was an incredible day!” he included. “This is another case of left-wing hooligans attempting to scare and debilitate genuine Americans when we attempt to practice our First Amendment rights. We CANNOT let that fly.”

Why does this make a difference? Brutal radicals have chosen to attempt and close down the free discourse privileges of Americans the nation over. Their strategies — regularly ganging up against far littler quantities of individuals — are inexcusable, and anybody that thinks about their free discourse rights ought to recognize what is occurring.