Third Bomb Goes Off – More Explosions Expected!


Via BBC, USAToday:

A wave of terror attacks appears to be continuing as a third device was found and detonated in the New York/New Jersey area.

This comes after a weekend of attacks in New Jersey and in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York. Authorities do not yet know if this third bombing is connected to the other two, but I think it is safe to assume that is.

Law enforcement also expects “more explosions” as the backpack carrying the third bomb contained up to 5 devices.


More information has been brought in about the New York attack. Five have been taken into custody and police believe that cell-phones were used to detonate the device. The New York Post revealed that immediately after the attack, a mysterious caller to 911 revealed that “there would be more” attacks coming.

New York is already on high alert because of the United Nations General Assembly beginning this week. But with these terror attacks, Mayor de Blasio has promised a mammoth police presence bigger than New York has ever seen.

We will keep you updated on this situation as it evolves. Pray for our law enforcement and pray that these violent thug terrorists are brought to swift justice.

Are we doing enough to combat radical Islam?

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