Survivor From Benghazi Explains That His Squad was left to die by Hillary and Obama.

Hillary Clinton botched Benghazi, we as a whole realize that, in any case, each day we discover more data about what truly happened that the Obama organization didn’t discuss.

Colonel Woods, as of late specified that the mounted force was prepared to help and very course towards Benghazi, notwithstanding, they needed to turn back, as Obama declined to affirm the operation to offer assistance.

You can see here a video from John Tiegen, a survivor for Benghazi who needed to battle thirteen extended periods for his life, as he was abandoned by Obama and Clinton to spoil and bite the dust in the hands of foe soldiers.



It is stunning to see recordings such like these, the Obama organization and Clinton left those men there to bite the dust, while they tasted on wine and praised their positions.

It is perplexing how they are not in prison for such a wrongdoing against these individuals.