Stephen Baldwin: Donald Trump is fantastic and would make a great president !!!

Stephen Baldwin was on with CNN’s Don Lemon last night where he explained why he believes Donald Trump is fantastic and why he would make a great president.

The short of it is that Trump isn’t a politically correct politician, that he says what he means and won’t apologize for it, even if he doesn’t say it perfectly.



One thought on “Stephen Baldwin: Donald Trump is fantastic and would make a great president !!!

  1. Damn Straight Stephen Baldwin!!!!! I commend you for coming out against the other Hollywood Elites who put Trump down and threaten to leave our country if he is elected!!! Trump isn’t stupid!!! He has a high IQ and knows much about Politics even though he isn’t a Politician!! Ronald Reagan wasn’t a Politician!! Everyone with a half of brain should know that there are many Cabinet members to fill in MANY areas and I am confident that Trump will pick the BEST!!! It takes teamwork, no matter what kind of a job that anyone is in. We NEED a businessman who knows what the hell he is doing to bring jobs back to this country and get the economy back on track. Politically correct????? I agree with him. Get rid of that BULL because it only creates more division in this country and I, for one, am sick and tired of catering to it!!! It’s gone way overboard and we have to revive our full Constitutional rights again!!! God Bless You and keep it up!!! I work very hard on here promoting Trump in many venues and I was always a registered Democrat!!! I can no longer, morally, after all we have seen over the years, defend nor vote for the Democratic Party. I am done and so is the rest of my family!!! Please keep speaking out!!! Thank you!!……………….Debbie from Albany, NY.

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