Snoop Pledges To Move To Canada With Drake After Trump Elected President


The disappointed reactions from celebrities continue to pour in after Donald Trump’s presidential victory in the Nov. 8 election. Snoop Dogg is the latest star to speak out, and he means business. The rapper vowed to move to Canada, and his powerful message is shocking. He even involved his pal, Drake. See the insane post here!

Snoop Dogg, 45, is speaking up and getting out! And somehow Drake, 30, is involved? After Donald Trump, 70, beat Hillary Clinton, 69, in the Nov. 8 election, Snoop didn’t waste any time making moves (literally) to do what he felt was best for him. He took to Instagram the day after the election, Nov. 9, to post a photo of Canada, and vowed to move there. So, where does Drake come in? Well, Canada is the rapper’s native, and Snoop tagged him in the post to request some pointers on where to plant his new roots!

Snoop captioned a photo of Canada “My new home,” where he then tagged Drake. “I need the hookup on some property. Nefew f–k this sh-t I’m going to the. 6ix.” WOW! We’re not sure if Snoop has officially located to Canada, but the rapper sounds like he’s pretty sure where he wants to live now that Donald Trump is the leader of the free world.

Like we’ve already told you, celebs are taking to social media to voice their strong opinions, vast disappointment and hurt spirits due to the 2016 election outcome. Stars like Miley Cyrus, 23, Lady Gaga, 30, 50 Cent, 41, and many more have been very vocal about their frustrations. 50 posted a powerful message to his Instagram Nov. 9, comparing Donald’s presidential election to 9/11. So sad.

Many celebs have teased a move to Canada if Donald won the election, and now with that disbelief to some, becoming a reality, we will have to wait and see who will actually act on their promise. Miley, Amy Schumer, 35, and many more may just make the move. Time will tell, but this is definitely a sensitive time for a lot of people.


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