SHOCK: DNC Chair Slips Up, Mistakenly Reveals What Really Happened as Hillary Got in Van

Hillary Got in Van

Democratic National Committee interim Chairwoman Donna Brazile appeared on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” on Sunday and discussed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s collapse on Sept. 11. What was intended to be a compliment turned out to be a major admission about the severity of Clinton’s health that day.

Hillary Got in Van

“Although she had to be lifted into that van, you know what? She got up, like most of us, she got up and she kept fighting, so that’s the Hillary Clinton that I hope people get to know,” Brazile said, Breitbart reported.

This is the first time someone from Team Clinton has admitted that the former secretary of state had to be lifted into the van, and that’s big news because it means Clinton was not in control of her body.

Talk about bad news getting worse. Brazile thought she was giving Clinton a compliment, but she slipped up and essentially made things worse for Clinton by admitting the former first lady had to be lifted into the van.

The question that will be on the minds of many people is exactly when Hillary got up on her own and what was needed for her to do so. While Clinton has admitted to being diagnosed with pneumonia, that doesn’t get rid of her other chronic condition — lying to the public.

She said she didn’t tell the public about her diagnosis because she didn’t think it was a big deal, but if she pays just a little bit of attention to the news, she would have known the her health is ahuge concern — one she should not be ignoring.

Clinton’s episode on Sept. 11 was serious, and many people across the globe saw it — including world leaders who could view her condition — whatever it is — as a weakness, and attempt to take advantage of it.