Sheriff Joe Gets Devastating News… Do You Stand by Him?

Liberals who are very fond of Obama, have been attempting to silence Joe Arpaio, the Arizona Sheriff, and now it would seem that they have completed their goal.


Western Journalism reported that U.S. District Judge Murray Snow has requested that an ongoing contempt-of-court charge against Arpaio be sent to criminal court. With Arpaio’s reelection vote just a few days away, the sheriff’s campaign manager Chad Willems is questioning the timing of the request.

“I am not impugning his motives or questioning his integrity,” he said. “It just seems whenever a major decision comes out, the timing is curious.”

At 84 years of age, Arpaio is facing his toughest election since he first became sheriff. In the Republican race for sheriff, he is being joined by former Buckeye Police Chief Dan Saban, retired Deputy Wayne Baker and Marsha Hill, former commander of a volunteer group.

With the GOP primary taking place on August 30, it is unclear how much this request will affect the election.

The contempt charges come from a class action lawsuit filed in 2007 that charged both the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department and Sheriff Arpaio with discrimination and racial profiling. The suit claimed that hispanics were being pulled over illegally and being unlawfully detained.

Back in 2013, Judge Snow ruled that Arpaio and his officers subjected Latinos to racial profiling. Mel McDonald, Arpaio’s lawyer, said Arpaio will go to trial rather than accept a deal.

“We would like the voters of Maricopa County to judge this,” McDonald said.

If charged, Sheriff Arpaio may be looking to six months prison time.

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