ARE YOU SEEING THIS?? Hillary Clinton wants an independent commission to investigate WHAT?

Ummm… Dear Hillary, Have you overlooked your binds to Russia? Obviously, she has and will never confess to anything Russian, not even uranium deals. She can’t get another relate on the decision, yet she is as yet endeavoring to hang her misfortune on the lamentable Russians. Her calls for free direction might just work out. I would caution, in any case, be cautious what you request. Autonomous Counsel is precisely that; free.

As Written By Daniel Chaitin for the Washington Examiner:

Hillary Clinton said on Thursday that she underpins a free, fair commission to explore Russia’s impedance into the 2016 decision.

The previous presidential applicant made the remarks at the eighth yearly Women in the World Summit in New York City.

Calling Russia’s inclusion a demonstration of animosity, Clinton told the New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof in a sit-down exchange that she supposes Russian President Vladimir Putin “needed to do was sow doubt and perplexity and in addition impact our race.”

“As an American, I am trusting that whether its Congress, or the FBI, or outside writers or whoever the blend of strengths may be that we discover a mess more,” she stated, before including, “I for one support an autonomous, impartial examination that I believe is called for.” Loud… …