“Sanctuary City” Mayors Will Going to PRISON. Do You Support?

Finally, there is proof justice is not dead in America! Elected officials should NOT get a pass when they break the law and endanger all of our lives in the process!

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is taking a strong stand in his pledge to support President Trump’s enforcement of illegal immigration laws. The “real penalties” Abbott is ready to levy against sanctuary cities include sending their mayors, and other supporting public officials, straight to jail!

A bill passed by the Texas Senate allows Abbott to not only strip state funds from sanctuary cities, but he can also fully prosecute public officials. The Lone Star State governor fully expects the legislation to become an enforceable law in the next few months.

“If you have a public official, including a sheriff, who continues to adopt sanctuary city policies after this ban goes into place, they could be criminally prosecuted and themselves wind up in jail. The place they are releasing dangerous criminals from,” Governor Abbott said during an interview with Fox News.

“This is dangerous, and I will not allow it,” Governor Abbott said when urging Congress to pass the funding necessary to properly police illegal immigration cases. The Texan fully supports the intense crackdown on illegal immigration put forth by President Trump.

source: http://www.usatrustnews.com