Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says that Donald Trump could be the best president of US history

Amid a meeting on CNN, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., child of the late-Robert Francis “Bobby” Kennedy who was killed in 1968, said Donald Trump “could be the best president in history in the event that he needed to,” and could without much of a stretch be “the following Teddy Roosevelt.”

In the exchange with CNN Tonight have Don Lemon on Dec. 14, Lemon noticed that Microsoft originator Bill Gates had said Trump could be another JFK and asked Robert Kennedy Jr. in the event that he thought an examination could be made between the Kennedys and the Trumps.

Kennedy stated, “Well, I think Donald Trump can be, you know, any sort of president he needs. He’s really — he has this uncommon open door since he’s coming into office less loaded by commitment than most likely any president in our history with the conceivable special case of Andrew Jackson.”

“Also, you know, them two, Jackson and Trump came in, they were — individuals were sickened, they were offended when Jackson came in and they thought it was the apocalypse and he turned into a — unless you were an American-Indian, he turned into a decent president in protecting the nation against corporate power and truly democratizing America from various perspectives,” said Kennedy.

Trump does not have commitments, he stated, and if Trump thinks about history, “he could truly be a remarkable president.”

Kennedy additionally said that Americans need the optimistic and positive initiative that they found in JFK and they likewise need the nation to “dispose of this tormenting and this hostile, antagonistic remote strategy.”

Do you think Trump can do that?” said CNN’s Lemon.

Kennedy replied. “I think he can do that. You know, I think he can do anything he needs since he is not — he is not bound by philosophy. He is less bound by belief system than any president likely that we’ve had this century.”