While Republican Presidential front runner Donald Trump is being called “racist” and “xenophobic” and everything else in the book for stating the simple fact that Mexico is sending us a bunch of drug dealers, rapist and child molesters, we bring you now a story of four dreamers who prove him right and silence the libtards, who are apparently more concerned with seeing illegal immigrants getting their needs of free shit met than they are the safety of nine year old little girls.

This past Easter Sunday, a mother of a nine year old girl in Vernal, Utah was more concerned with getting high in the garage of her friend’s house, with her friend, than she was in protecting her 9 year old daughter she had with her from the four rabid, dreamer rapists who were in the house with them.

The little girl was tired, and instead of taking her home and letting her rest, the mother had the girl take a nap on her felon friend’s couch. Then, after the girl was fast asleep, the mother and Miss RonDeau sneaked off to the garage to get high on meth.

So, while these ho’s were in the garage getting high, the four dreamers pictured below, who happened to be in the house at the time, decided to ‘have their way’ with the little nine year old girl. They woke her up, raped her, and sodomized her.

These four child rapists, who are all sitting in jail right now facing felony charges, have been identified as 20-year-old Josiah RonDeau, 29-year-old Jerry Flatlip, and 26-year-old Randall Flatlip and Larson James RonDeau, 36.

This mother was separated from her child once while she was away in jail. Now she’s been separated from her again, thank God, as social services has removed the child from the mother. Sounds to me like this is one mother who should never get her child back.