President of the Canadian Government of Ontario enters a mosque in solidarity with the Muslims … they placed in the corner

She entered the leader of the Government of Ontario Kathleen Wayne mosque to show solidarity with the Muslims. It was compelled to sit toward the side of the place since they are ladies.

Furthermore, after the shooting episode seen by the Collector in Quebec of Canada chosen to visit Wayne Ontario mosque to express solidarity with the Muslims and the significance of concurrence.

Wayne liberal and ace gay issues entered the mosque foreseen that this progression needed to support great and echoes communicate a positive air in the locale. Be that as it may, the truth was altogether different.

Before entering the mosque was Wayne has made Ptsriha which focused on the significance of conjunction, correspondence and non-segregation between people.

Be that as it may, it is by all accounts show in the mosque did not have similar standards, Wayne, particularly those identified with gender.As soon as the men implored even asked Wayne’s greatest political impact in the locale drop to last place and remain in the corner.

The reason backpedals to one of the Islamic law, which is that the nearness of ladies at the front of the mosque amid supplication nullify the men who sit behind her petitions.