Phil Robertson Shoots Down Reasons Not To Back Trump On The Elections


Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson unapologetically expressed his support for Donald Trump to be president at the Values Voter Summit on Friday.

Robertson, who endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz during the Republican primary, took some time at the beginning of his remarks knocking down reasons why people say they are not willing to vote for Trump.

To those who say, “I’d vote for him if he were as conservative as I am,” the reality star said, “If I did that, I would not vote for anyone but myself.”

Others say, “Well, Donald Trump sticks his foot in his mouth, that’s why I’m not voting for him.”

The evangelical Christian’s response to the Values Voter crowd was to look in the Old Testament, chronicling all the foibles and shortcomings of even the most successful and renown leaders.

“Better a man who sticks his foot in his mouth than a woman who pours out lies,” Robertson said, garnering hearty applause of approval from the audience.

The reality star said he told Trump, “If you really want to see something, film me baptizing you,” causing some in the crowd to hoot and applaud.

He added, “The left-wingers will literally go crazy, and the evangelicals will swarm you like a mighty throng … I’m hoping he will do that.”

The Duck Commander closed by quoting the Revolutionary-era firebrand Patrick Henry, who said, “It cannot be said too strongly or too often that this great nation was not found by religionists, but by Christians…this country was founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

As reported by Western Journalism, Trump received a standing ovation coming and going at the Values Voter Summit earlier on Friday.

The theme of Trump’s speech was the centrality faith must play if America is to reclaim its heritage of greatness.

“Our media culture often mocks and demeans people of faith,” Trump observed. “Your values of love, charity and faith built this nation.”

He promised, “In a Trump administration, our Christian heritage will be respected like never before.”

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